Eve­r­y­thing is pain­ting - when I start it... and if I star­ted so­me­thing dif­fe­rent it so­me­how ends up in pain­ting again. The ideas are in­ter­wo­ven - de­ve­lop sha­r­p­ness be­co­me im­pre­ci­se - blur­red - shiny - sticky - are over­grown with moss - dream on ...


Rolf Hin­te­r­e­cker * 1951 I Bens­berg I Aus­tri­an Ci­ti­zen

Grown up in the midd­le of fo­rest, swamps and mea­dows near Co­lo­gne. Edu­ca­ti­on as fel­low for stai­ned glass win­dows, study of So­ci­al Case Work, chan­ged to Köl­ner Werk­schu­le stu­died Con­tem­po­ra­ry Art (pain­ting Prof. Dank, metal sculp­tu­ring, Prof. Ber­ger)

1980/ 83 su­roun­ded the pla­net. Dia­ri­es/ vi­de­os/ per­for­man­ces in Japan, India, Sin­ga­po­re, Nepal, Thai­land, Aus­tra­lia, USA and others. Fur­ther com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on pro­jects, in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons, net­wor­king in pu­blic space, Mail Art pro­jects. Since 1984 re­sea­rch and works about ge­ne­tic ma­ni­pu­la­ti­on 1994-1998 Chair­man of the Ul­ti­ma­te Aka­de­mie. "Of­fice for glo­bal af­fairs " Ge­no­me Gnome Pro­ject " Since 1995 con­cepts, or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on and co­ope­ra­ti­on's with dif­fe­rent ex­change-pro­jects among ar­tists in Thai­land / Asia, Poland, Fran­ce, Ger­ma­ny, Aus­tria and Co­lo­gne..

En­vi­ron­ments, In­stal­la­ti­ons, sculp­tu­res, ob­jects, vi­de­os and al­ways pain­ting in the mind..

Since 2009 PAEr­sche Per­for­mance-Art group –www.paer­sche.org

1993-98 Ul­ti­ma­te Aka­de­mie, Mem­ber and chair­man of a flu­xus based art group found ed 1988 by Al Han­sen)

1990 glo­bal af­fairs 

1980/ 83 Tra­ve­ling around the world. Main fo­cu­sed on South-East-Asia. Dia­ri­es/ mo­vies/ per­for­man­ces in Japan, India, Sin­ga­po­re, Nepal, Thai­land, Phil­ip­pi­nes, Aus­tra­lia, Ta­hi­ti, USA and others.

1975 Jet Ferro, art group

Solo and group ex­hi­bi­ti­ons I pro­jects: (se­lec­ti­on) S= solo ex­hi­bi­ti­on

2019 CRISPR /Cas 9, in­stal­la­ti­on at Ma­jo­li­re I Bour­gu­in-Jal­lieu I FR

2017 tem­po­ra­ry la­bo­ra­to­ry 4/5, in­stal­la­ti­on for Cros­sing Boar­ders I Hong­kong

2016 Ver­suchs­an­ord­nung ge­no­me editing , mul­ti­me­dia Glass­in­stal­la­ti­on / Video / Künst­ler­fo­rum Bonn I G

2013 Moos­ma­chi­ne La­borin­stal­la­ti­on with water glass­bo­xes/ So­la­r­pumps etc. in the river Olef in Schlei­den I G

2011 Mal­sucht NEUES KUNST­FO­RUM / Co­lo­gne, Mul­ti­me­dia / En­vi­ron­ment (S)

2009 short sto­ries, small ob­jects in Rhe­na­nia / Co­lo­gne (S)

2006 cre­a­te your own art­work, zu AK­KU­MU­LA­TI­ON / Vir­tu­al Mail Art and In­ter­net­pro­jekt, Mach­feld Stu­dio, Wien / Aus­tria .

2006 Kumjing Pro­jekt in Co­ope­ra­ti­on with Con­cre­te House BKK/ Thai­land and Boris Nies­lony

2006 ba­ck­up erste Kon­zep­te about­Dampf­lo­ko­mo­ti­ve auf dem Bal­de­ney­see / Ruhra­toll Kul­tur­haupt­stadt Essen BRD

2005 Or­ga­ni­sier­te Ma­te­rie, Glas­re­ga­lin­stal­la­ti­on in Kunst­ver­ein Villa Strec­ci­us / Land­au .

2005 Zy­klen the Stil­le, In­stal­la­ti­ons­weg in Hause des Be­stat­ters Pütz & Roth / Ber­gisch Glad­bach (S)

2004 Das Blatt the See­ro­se..Ob­jekt-In­stal­la­ti­on with water bas­sains, to loo­king back for­ward, 20 years Kaos Ga­le­rie, Kunst­werk Co­lo­gne,

2004 la­bo­ra­toire tem­po­raire dans la vo­li­è­re, Mega-iIn­stal­la­ti­on vo­lie­re of the parc / l'ab­baye de Lies­sies/ Solre le Cha­teau, Fran­ce (S)

2004 Die Schwe­re­lo­sig­keit des 6. Fin­gers, Raum­in­stal­la­ti­on / Ob­jects, zu <

2003 Tem­po­rä­res Fluss­la­bor Swim­ming ob­ject in the da­nu­be / Aus­tria 'Ga­le­rie in Fluss' Grein, Aus­tria

2002 Ge­no­me-Gnome-Pro­ject - Ar­bei­ten of 1984-2002, Städ­ti­sche Ga­le­rie Villa Zan­thes, Ber­gisch Glad­bach (S)

2001 LEBEN..life ac­ti­vi­ty, In­stal­la­ti­o­nen / En­vi­ron­ments / Ob­jects, Ga­le­rie 68elf, Co­lo­gne (S)

2001 Tem­po­ra­ry La­bo­ra­to­ry, En­vi­ron­ment / Ob­jects: Dys­t­ans 777, 'Bal­tic Con­tem­po­ra­ry Art Bi­en­nal', Stet­tin I Polen .

2000 The Ge­no­me Gnome Pro­ject, first Frei­land­ver­such, 'Kunst in the Land­schaft V', Gut Gas­teil I Aus­tria

1998 The blue seeds, In­stal­la­ti­on about­Gen­for­schung, Na­ti­o­nal­park Ojców, Kraków (Polen) .

1998 Amm...it`s me, Ga­le­rie Open Space, Bang­kok (Thai­land) .

1997 a glo­bal af­fair, In­stal­la­ti­on in öf­fent­li­chen Stadt­raum of Chi­ang Mai (Thai­land) .

1997 Art­wa­re, Ob­jects, Go­tha­er Kunst­fo­rum, Co­lo­gne .

1994 Chro­mo­sos­men­bar­ke, Ob­jekt / In­stal­la­ti­on, In­sti­tut for Hu­man­ge­ne­tic, Düs­sel­dorf (S)

1994 In­ter­fe­renz Sehn­sucht, to 'You and me shop' v. Ta­ka­ko Saito, Ga­le­rie Ill­ve­r­ich, DD .

1993 Kon­ta­mi­niert, En­vi­ron­ment / Ob­jects about Gen­ma­ni­pu­la­ti­on: Ul­ti­ma­te Aka­de­mie, Co­lo­gne (S)

1993 TATA OST, In­ter­ak­ti­ve Group, Eh­renf. Kunst­ver­ein (Co­lo­gne) at Gras­si­mu­se­um, Leip­zig I G

1988 Toy-Nap­ping, Ob­jekt­se­rie to ato­mic parts, (S)

1985 White Boat with Gold and Sil­ver, In­stal­la­ti­on for 'Ha­r­le­kin-Art', Mi­cha­el Ber­ger, Wies­ba­den (pain­tings: Geoffry Hen­riks ) (S)

1985 Apo­ka­lyp­se, Mixed Media / En­vi­ron­ments / In­stal­la­ti­o­nen / Vi­de­os, Kaos Ga­le­rie, Co­lo­gne (S)

1984 9 Vi­de­os in the Kaos Ga­le­rie, Co­lo­gne (S)

1984 sand, In­stal­la­ti­on and En­vi­ro­ment, in Pret ,New York .

1979 MH 30, Ak­ti­on u.Dokum. zu Ent­lau­bungs­mit­tel 'Agent Oran­ge', d. als Wachs­tum­hem­mer ent­lang d. Stra­ßen ein­ge­setzt wurde. (S)

1978 Natur, Natur, in 'Kleins­te Ga­le­rie the Welt', of Heinz Zol­per and Theo Lam­ber­tin, in Co­lo­gne Kunst­ver­ein (S)

1974 Moos-En­vi­ro­ment, 'Neu­markt the Künst­ler' (NDK), Co­lo­gne

Con­cep­ti­on I In­itia­ted I Re­a­li­za­ti­on I or Or­ga­ni­za­ti­on of Pro­jects (se­lec­ti­on)

2019 OPEN 20th of Chen Jin and LiFei sup­port and co-or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on

See also www.paer­sche.org

2015 Art of En­coun­te­ring VI Con­cept by Boris Nies­lony / Co-Or­ga­ni­sa­tor R. Hin­te­r­e­cker

11. Sep­tem­ber – 25. Ok­to­ber 2015

Per­for­mance Art, ex­change with China. A mul­ti­la­te­ra­le Pro­ject with Aus­tria, Swiss Ger­ma­ny and Bel­gi­um Ar­tists from China

Feng Wei­dong | He Chen­gyao | Li Xiao­mu | Qiao Sheng­xu | Wang Chuyu I Xiang Xishi | Chen Jin | Zhou Bin­Ar­tists from Vi­en­na

Da­ni­el Aschwan­den | Jan Macha­cek | Sa­bi­ne Marte | Ger­tru­de Moser-Wag­ner | Bri­git­te Wil­fing

The Per­for­mance la­bo­ra­to­ri­um Linz pres­ents only the chi­ne­se ar­tists

Ar­tists from Kas­ka­den­kon­den­sa­tor, Basel Si­mo­ne Etter | Iris Ganz | Mo­ni­ca Gün­ther | Muda Ma­this | Chris Regn I Ruedi Schill | Sus Zwick

2013 Art of En­coun­te­ring V/ Con­cept Boris Nies­lony/ Re­a­li­za­ti­on, PAEr­sche

Ar­tists from the Phil­ip­pi­nes: Man­net Vil­la­ri­ba, Boyet de Mesa, Pa­trick Ka Hyan Chong, Kaye O'yek, Rom­mel G.

Es­pi­no­sa, Super Thom Daq Yuan, Mor'O Ocam­po

PAEr­sche: Ma­ri­ta Bull­mann/ G, Béa­tri­ce Di­dier/ B, Petra Deus/G, Rolf Hin­te­r­e­cker/ A, Karin Mei­ner/G, Eva­ma­ria Schal­ler/ A

2012 Aus­tria –Co­lo­nia / Con­cept and Re­a­li­za­ti­on with Eva­ma­ria Schal­ler

Per­for­mance-Art-Pro­ject with 12 ar­tists from Aus­tria + 10 from the Co­lo­gne net­work of PAEr­sche

Par­ti­ci­pants: An­deß­ner Elisa, Aschwan­den Da­ni­el, Bruck­schwai­ger Karl, Et­ten­gru­ber Si­byl­le, Marte Sa­bi­ne, Moser-Wag­ner Ger­tru­de,

Macha­cek Jan,. Noa Holt­wies­che of Pan Vi­en­na, Hoch­ed­lin­ger Clau­dia, Wim­mer Betty, Schal­ler Eva­ma­ria, Bull­mann Ma­ri­ta, Ho­mey­er Frank,

Mark Elke, Mei­ner Karin, Nies­lony Boris, Ries Laura, Will­brand Ca­ro­la, Dre­busch Vera, Dick Mi­cha­el , Bro­s­ka Inge, Hin­te­r­e­cker Rolf

2010 "PAEr­sche" Co-foun­the /Or­ga­ni­zer of the Per­for­mance Art Group PAEr­sche in Co­lo­gne / Ger­ma­ny

PAEr­sche As­so­ci­a­ted Ar­tists: Frank, Bea Ho­mey­er, Petra Deus, Ca­ro­la Will­brand, Mark Met, Elke Mark, Mi­cha­el Dick, Boris Nies­lony, Laura

Ries, Agata Go­stow­ska, Ma­ri­ta Bull­mann, Eva­ma­ria Schal­ler, Karin Mei­ner, Wal­traud Cas­per-Phi­lips, R.J.Kirsch, Ralf Vorm­busch, Alice de

Vis­scher, Béa­tri­ce Di­dier, Klara Skol­jar, Chris­ti­ne Mehl, Brit­ta Göll­ner, Jür­gen Raap, Sig­lin­de Kal­len­bach, Pa­r­zi­val, Tüch­ler, Surya, Chris­ti­an

Schmidt-Chem­nit­zer, An­drey Us­ti­nov, André Jol­les, Su­san­ne Hel­mes, Pfings­ten, Heike, Vera Dre­busch, Enric Fort, Leif Schmidt, Mül­ler Thors­ten,

Bro­sa­mer Sa­scha, Pia Mül­ler, Eli­sa­beth Wurst, Ka­trin Klein­au,

Or­ga­ni­zers: Boris Nies­lony E.P,I.Zen­trum, Su­san­ne Grube - Künst­ler­fo­rum Bonn, Ma­ri­ta Bull­mann-In­ter­val/ Essen, Rahel Flink -

Kunst­aka­de­mie Ka­rls­ru­he, Rolf Hin­te­r­e­cker - glo­bal af­fairs, Eva­ma­ria Schal­ler.

Elisa An­des­s­ner & Si­byl­le Et­ten­gru­ber -Per­for­mance La­bo­ra­to­ri­um Linz (Ös­ter­reich), Noah Holt­wi­sche - PAN-Vi­en­na (Aus­tria)

2007 "The Art of En­coun­te­ring II "Co-or­ga­ni­zer for Co­lo­gne, a pro­ject of: E.P.I. Zen­trum / NRW and Stu­dio Art

He­chi­ma So On / Tokio in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with : Kunst­amt Düs­sel­dorf; Kuns­t­raum Düs­sel­dorf; Ma­schi­nen­haus Essen;

Ver­ein IPAH Hil­des­heim; Art IG Han­no­ver;

ar­tists: To­mo­mi Ad­a­chi, Shin-Ichi Arai, Kaori Haba, Yos­hi­no­ri Niwa, Hi­ro­mi Shi­rai, Ma­chi­ko Tagami, Saki­ko Ya­mao­ka, ar­tists Co­lo­gne: Jens Brand, Veit Land­wehr, Rolf Hin­te­r­e­cker, Elke Mark (with­Ba­by) Pa­r­zi­val, Ca­ro­la Will­brand

2006 "14th Per­for­mance Art Con­fe­rence" Vi­et­nam. (Co-or­ga­ni­zer)

Blue Space in Ho Chi Minh City, Vi­et­nam in co­ope­ra­ti­on with Con­cre­te House, BKK/ Thai­land, E.P.I. Zen­trum (Boris Nies­lony) and glo­bal-af­fairs (Rolf Hin­te­r­e­cker)

Par­ti­zi­pants: Nguy­en Hong Hai, Denis Ro­ma­now­ski, Agung Myint, M.Gün­ther & R. Schill , Ko Siu Lan, Elisa An­des­s­ner, Lynn Lu Alas­ta­ir McLen­nan, Haba Kaori, Hay­ley Ne­w­man, Hong-o-Bong, Joz­sef Ju­hasz, Mo­ni­ka Klin­ger, My­ri­am La­plan­te, Jason Lim, Ngo Thai Uyen, Kyaw Nyunt Lynn, Anat Pick, Tony Schwen­sen, Nguy­en The Hung, Fer­ran­do Bar­to­lo­me, Pham Duc Tung, Pai­san Pli­eng­bang­chang, Nguy­en Huy An, Dan McKe­reghan, Le Q. Anh Hao, Aung Myint, Vu Duc Toan, B.Nies­lony, R. Hin­te­r­e­cker 2005 "Thai-Ger­man Con­tem­po­ra­ry Art Ex­change 2005", Pro­ject in Co­ope­ra­ti­on with San­na­rong Sin­g­ha­se­ni, Kom­son Knoo­ki­ew. Ar­tists from Thai­land, Aus­tria, Ger­ma­ny, USA. Gal­le­ry Ha­fer­kamp, Co­lo­gne/ Sil­pa­korn Uni­ver­si­ty, BKK/ KWITHBKK Thai­land

2004 Per­for­mance and Sci­ence Con­tri­bu­ti­on to ASIA TOPIA (Con­cre­te House/ Chum­pon Api­suk) 6 Aus­tri­an ar­tists par­ti­ci­pa­te with Per­for­man­ces, work­shops, lec­tu­res at: Chula­long­korn Uni­ver­si­ty, King Mong­kut's In­sti­tu­te of Tech­no­lo­gy, Sil­pa­korn Uni­ver­si­ty and Chi­ang Mai Uni­ver­si­ty

2003 Pasz­port In­ter­ac­ti­ve Net­work and Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on pro­ject among the Ryzom close to Co­lo­gne and Poland Ex­hi­bi­ti­on: Bal­tic Bi­en­na­le 2003 in Stet­tin (Poland) GAL­LE­R­YA OF­FI­CIA Idea / Con­cept / Re­a­li­sa­ti­on with: Mi­cha­el Wit­tas­sek and others

1998 KOP KHUN KHA / KRAP, Re­tro­spec­ti­ve of the pro­ject 'Gol­den Tuk Tuk´s and Flu­xus Ouark' with ar­tists from Thai­land / Asia and Eu­ro­pe. Do­cu­men­ta­ti­on / In­stal­la­ti­on. Ex­hi­bi­ti­on /Re­a­li­za­ti­on: Anja Ibsch / Ma­ri­a­n­ne Tra­lau / Pa­r­zi­val. Thai Cur­rys of Kosit Jun­ta­ra­tip, Eat-Art / coo­king per­for­mance for 60 guests. 0.55 / 55 per­for­man­ces, with 32 Per­for­mers, Gal­le­ry 68elf, Co­lo­gne

  1. 5th Per­for­mance –Art- Con­fe­rence, Sil­pa­korn Uni­ver­si­ty / Con­cre­te House / About Café, Suan Pak­kad Pa­lace, Bang­kok /Th, In­ter­na­ti­o­nal mee­ting of Per­for­mance Art with 60 par­ti­ci­pa­ting Ar­tists from Asia and Eu­ro­pe. Cu­ra­tors /Or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on: 'ASA Eu­ro­pean', (B. Nies­lony/ Co­lo­gne ) 'Con­cre­te House',(Chum­pon Api­suk, BKK)/ 'Goe­the In­sti­tu­te BKK ' Sil­pa­korn Uni­ver­si­ty', BKK, 'Suan Pak­kad Pal­lace' (May­may Jum­sai), Chula­long­korn Uni­ver­si­ty and the 'Ul­ti­ma­te Aka­de­mie', (V. Ha­mann, R. Hin­te­r­e­cker )

1997 One Day of my Life in a Box, 2nd ex­hi­bi­ti­on, Ra­th­haus of the City Coun­cil Co­lo­gne. (Gol­den Tuk Tuk´s and Flu­xus Ouark, in Co­ope­ra­ti­on with the Ul­ti­ma­te Aka­de­mie and Goe­the In­sti­tu­te Bang­kok)

1997 Open Tent, Pro­ject of the Ul­ti­ma­te Aka­de­mie for Chi­ang Mai So­ci­al In­stal­la­ti­on (Thai­land) 19 Ar­tists from the net­work of the Ul­ti­ma­te Aka­de­mie, Co­lo­gne with In­ter­ven­ti­ons/ In­ter­net forum / Ob­jects / In­stal­la­ti­ons / Per­for­man­ces / Vi­de­os. Cu­ra­tor Chi­ang Mai: Uthit Ati­na­na (Gol­den Tuk Tuk´s and Flu­xus Ouark, in Co­ope­ra­ti­on with the Goe­the In­sti­tu­te BKK

1996 One Day of my Life in a Box, Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on - / Mail art – Pro­ject, Work­shops with ca. 140 par­ti­ci­pants in the Sky-Dome of the World Trade Cen­tre, Bang­kok, Coor­di­na­ti­on and Re­a­li­za­ti­on

1996 Per­for­mance a´la carte 2, in me­mo­ry of the dead of Al Han­sen. Per­for­mance Event in Luxus-Hotel ship 'Hel­ve­tia' 98 Ac­tions of 40 ar­tists. If you or­de­red they will per­form at the ta­bles of the guests. Idea: Knud Päd­ter­son / Dä­ne­mark, Wai­ter: Ben Pat­ter­son / Knopp Ferro / Diet­mar Po­koy­ski. Re­a­li­sa­ti­on with the Ul­ti­ma­te Aka­de­mie : Co­ope­ra­ti­on with Stadt­mu­se­um Co­lo­gne

1995 To Early, To Late, Pro­ject with Ben Pat­ter­son for the Kar­ne­val of Co­lo­gne/ Work­shop / Ex­hi­bi­ti­on / Per­for­man­ces. Idea / Con­cept with: Ben Pat­ter­son / Ingo Gräb­ner / Knopp Ferro and others

Per­for­man­ces (se­lec­ti­on out of ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly 300)

2017 the la­bo­ra­to­ry in Hong­kong

2016 OS PAEr­sche at Asia­to­pia

2016 the glas­rag and sur­fing on glass-pipes on 3 Fes­ti­vals in: Xian / Cheng­du / Kun­ming

2015 tro­pi­cal la­bo­ra­to­ry at Dug­tan­gan Fes­ti­val Phil­ip­pi­nes

2015 "Anat" Per­for­mance San­ti­a­go- City / flip­flop line Phil­ip­pi­nes

2014 ci­ga­ret­te butts lines Beach work in Goynük /Tür­kei

2014 Beach work at Lang­ka­wi / Ma­ly­sia

2014 Dig­ging 6 at Brise 2 Flens­burg/G- Den­mark

2013 the glass pipe­line at Weis­ses Haus, Vi­en­na / AUS­TRIA

2013 Ho­ma­ge to Nam June Paik 2 at Per­for­mance La­bo­ra­to­ry bb 15 Linz / Aus­tria

2012 hom­ma­ge to Nam June Paik 1 for ENT-SET­ZEN Dis­pla­cing time at Essen /G

2011 mir­rors per­for­mance walk in the city of Co­lo­gne /G

2010 Moss and glass at Oran­ge­rie per­for­man­ces; Co­lo­gne/ Ger­ma­ny

2010 Moss for Ka­r­ba­kow's Is­land, for Ruhra­toll, Cu­ra­tor: Nor­bert Bauer/ Essen / G

2008 Aus­set­zun­gen / Pra­ter­stra­ße zu Fang­netz ins öf­fent­li­che cu­ra­tor: Ger­tru­de Moser-Wag­ner / Vi­en­na / Aus­tria

2008 out­door zu “10 Years of Asia­to­pia“, BKK Me­tro­po­li­tan Art & Cul­tu­ral Cen­ter, cu­ra­tor: CH. Api­suk, BKK / Thai­land

2007 aban­do­ned shel­ter with Liane Dit­zer, Vier­tel­fes­ti­val 2007 Vi­en­na/ Aus­tria – Bra­tis­la­wa/ Slo­va­kia

2007 In­ter­fe­rences, Con­tri­bu­ti­on for 15. Per­for­mance-Art-Con­fe­rence in Bali / In­do­ne­sia

2006 green cock­roa­ches' for 14. In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Per­for­mance-Art-Con­fe­rence in Dalat and Sai­gon / Vi­et­nam

2004 Tak-Bai In­ci­dent , Con­tri­bu­ti­on to ASIA TOPIA 6 "Mild Con­flict" / Con­cre­te House, Cu­ra­tor: Chum­pon Api­suk , Bang­kok/Thai­land

2004 Ha­bi­tat 3, at the II in­ter­na­ti­o­nal Per­for­mance Art Mee­ting Cz­c­ze­cin / Poland

2004 No title, at 'Sperr­ge­biet' Wald­s­tadt, Gal­le­ry Wüns­dorf / Ber­lin / Ger­ma­ny

2002 Worn out tools, at 'Dys­t­ans 777' / Stet­tin / Co­lo­gne ., Gal­le­ry 68elf, Co­lo­gne ,

2001 Bree­ding, at 'vron lich­nam', Zi­ons­kir­che, Ber­lin / BRD

2000 Green la­bo­ra­to­ry, at 'Per­for­mance Art in NRW,' Kuns­t­raum, DD blue water, at 'Per­for­mance S pur', Stadt­mu­se­um Sieg­burg / D

1999 Still sea­r­ching, at 'Traw­nik', Mu­ze­um Na­r­odo­we w Sz­c­ze­ci­nie / Stet­tin, Poland.

1999 Water, at 'Tran­sit', Cu­ra­tor: Jan Mor­gentha­ler Zü­rich / Swit­zer­land.

1997 Gold , ' 0.55', 'Per­for­mance-Con­fe­rence Bang­kok, Sil­pa­korn Uni­ver­si­ty, Bang­kok /Thai­land

1998 OJCÓW-PER­FOR­MANCE, with Mi­cha­el Wit­tás­sek , Ojcow Na­ti­o­nal park, Kraków / Poland.

1997 Final De­ci­si­on, at Tha Phae Gate, Chi­ang Mai, /Thai­land. at 'Chi­ang Mai So­ci­al In­stal­la­ti­on' /CMSI. Or­ga­ni­za­ti­on: Uthit Ati­ma­na

1997 a glo­bal af­fair, In­ter­ven­ti­on in pu­blic space at CMSI / Thai­land

1996 Co-Per­for­mer at Ben Pat­ter­son's piece 'Bo­le­ro', Gal­le­ry Schüp­pen­hau­er, Co­lo­gne / Ger­ma­ny

1994 Talk with Ingo Küm­mel, Rhe­na­nia, Co­lo­gne

1984 is­lands and lanes, In­ter­ven­ti­on and Bi­o­trans­fer in the City ter­ri­to­ry, Eh­ren­stra­ße, Co­lo­gne

1983 ima­gi­ne, Bondi Beach , Syd­ney / Aus­tra­lia.

1982 de­sert dream, Na­ti­ve Cap, Out­back / Aus­tra­lia.

1982 Es­cape, with Dag­mar Dit­zer / City place / Sin­ga­po­re.

1982 feel again smell again In­ter­ven­ti­on, Ger­man Em­bas­sy / Sin­ga­po­re

1981 tra­ces of con­sump­ti­on at the Ti­be­tan boar­der , Lang­Tang / Nepal.

1981 Hong Kong / Sin­ga­po­re, Co-Per­for­mer: Dag­mar Dit­zer / Hong-Kong.

1979 Sos­sa­gio, City-Per­for­mance with tram / 10 ac­tors, at '1. Co­lo­gne Per­for­mance-fes­ti­val / Neu­markt of the Ar­tists', Co­lo­gne/Ger­ma­ny

1978 Tou­rists, River-Per­for­mance / 6 ac­tors, at 'Kür­ten Fäs­ti­wel' Berg. Land / Ger­ma­ny

1977 Art fa­shion show, with the art group 'Jet Ferro' in Bio­leks talk show 'Senftöpf­chen', Co­lo­gne / Ger­ma­ny

1974 The roa­ring deer, Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on at the Tri­vi­al-Revue of the art group Köl­ner Schu­le' Forum Kunst­hal­le / Co­lo­gne / Ger­ma­ny