2018 | MIPAF | Macao
Fotos: Dag­mar Dit­zer

When I vi­si­ted Macau in 1980, it was still a Por­tu­gue­se co­lony. Com­pa­red to Hong Kong life was con­tem­pla­ti­ve and the city see­med en­chan­ted and dre­a­my.

The his­to­ri­cal pho­tos taken from some of the sli­des I took 38 years ago.

I ask for peo­ple who re­co­gni­ze this place or peo­ple after more than 38 years.

I ask you to take a pic­ture from the same po­si­ti­on, of the same place,

or to tell a story about what you see and write it down.

The con­tri­bu­ti­ons are col­lec­ted to a small book and each par­ti­ci­pant gets 2 co­pies